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Monday, May 16, 2005

Et Tu, Camille?

I saw somewhere that culture critique/feminist Camille Paglia was a huge fan of The Bachelor. At its best, it is women in a cluster fuck fight over a dashing eligible male! A weekend storm took my satellite out, so I am watching it for the first time. Lucky me, it is the finale which has to have already been on for two hours. My husband isn't here and he keeps the Ativan locked up so I won't take the whole bottle. All I need is one little pill!!! This show is banal, creepy and makes a desperate mockery of courtship. Even so, if the actual bachelor were a catch, maybe it would be romantic, in a crass, whorish way. He is just so ugly. He looks like he smells like stale cheap beer. He is the kind of guy who buys draft beer at the bar because he says he likes the taste, but everyone knows why you buy Natural Light on tap. El Cheapo no es guapo. I wouldn't let him buy me a drink, and I used to drink with amputees and midgets. Let me find a picture of him for those of you who have been spared. I got ya!


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