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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

If you ask me Doug, you're the one who is immature...

Spicoli! Posted by Hello
I was lucky this morning to find "Fast Time at Ridgemont High" just as it was coming on!!! I love this movie more each time I see it. Sean Penn before he was arrogant and self satisfied. He actually appears to have a sense of humor. Watching this, I can understand why Madonna married him. This movie is second only to "The Outsiders" for having every future star before they became famous in it! Playing bit surfer parts are Anthony Edwards and that kid from Mask. Nicolas Cage is in it for a second, although he was still going by Coppola then. Lana Clarkson makes a brief appearance too. You remember, she is the one Phil Spector supposedly shot a couple of years ago. Mike Damone and Mr. Hand, the late great Ray Walston, are my fav characters! Who are yours???

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Take this job and shove it.

I am tired of asking why I am so lonely and feel so depressed. Why do I ask when it is so obvious that I have no friends and have no life? That sounds pathetic but I really don't. I go a week at a time without leaving the house. I then only leave to go to doctors or go out and get drunk. All my feelings that have been numbed by my antipsychotics and antidepressants come tumbling out when I toss alcohol on them but then I get so wasted I can't remember them. I cannot remember the last time my husband hugged me or kissed me. It's 5am and I just asked him if he ever planned to change, if he ever was going to try to work on our relationship. He said no, that he has given up. I give up too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Like a Virgin

Hopping through blogs, I came across one where a gentleman is noting his one year sobriety anniversary in AA. It caused my to feel, well, ambivalent. Almost like drinking because I was "almost" pained. I feel an uncomfortable ache in my chest. It may be hard to believe, but an aging slut like me never wishes for sexual innocence. I humped my way to being this MONDAINE and I am not going back. I have also been "mind fucked"-vilolated 18 different ways-but in most fields, I do not long for any intellectual virginity. Yet, I wish I had never been to AA. A year ago I would have said because it ruined my drinking. As the Big Book says, after each debacle, the troubled drinker will think "maybe those AA's were right". But now I wish I had never been because then I could go now, and maybe believe. Believe that people were good, believe that God would not fail me, believe in the 12 steps, believe that those people weren't just ass chasing coffee swilling fucking phonies. Unfortunately, that is MY EXPERIENCE!!! If that experience were erased, if I were new, if I were fresh, dumb, maybe as willing as the dying and open minded, I said open minded can be, I could get and stay sober. Staying is my problem. I am sober now, was sober yesterday, most likely will be sober tomorrow. However, as I know the sun will come up tomorrow, I know I will insanely pick up my next drink. Its inevitability is absurd in its simplicity. Only two things in life are guaranteed...death and taxes. OOPS! and that I will drink again, and again until I die.

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I saw a commercial for the new reality show "I Married a Princess" and they did not mention Catherine Oxenberg's name but it was obvious she was the star, the "princess" of the show. She is a daughter to Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, distant cousin to the British royals. Catherine herself portrayed Diane, Princess of Wales, in a TV movie of the week years ago. Back when she had THE NOSE FOR IT. Back when she had a beak, she was most famous for a role on Dynasty. In the commercials for her new show, I could hardly place her because her nose has been altered so much. It is straight from the "Jennifer Grey School of Rhinoplasty"-it renders the subject unrecognizable!

Body BEAT!!!!

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I remember when Kathleen Turner was younger, and errr, beautiful as hard as it is to believe looking at this picture. Always lacked a bit of humility. She was quoted in a magazine as saying that she could walk into a room and make ANY straight man turn his head. Oh, for such an ego, it must hurt getting old. Makes me want to lay off the booze forever.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Pardon me, would you be a neurotic dieter?

Try celery dipped in Grey Poupon. I read somewhere that you burn more calories digesting celery than it actually contains. Hmmm...if I were not so lazy I would research it. Someone who needs a diet is Britney Spears. She looks uglier, plumper and trashier in every pic I see of her. Shar Jackson is starting to look good!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Sniff my crotch and it doesn't smell like Louis Vuitton cherries!

Hello again to all my friends! I have been away for a while. My lesser half discovered me buying a LV Cerises Speedy 25 and revoked my computer privileges for a bit. The bastard. I just need to say there are some nasty bitches out there. I hope my dear reader is not one of them. I was telling my mother how horrified I am about these new aromatherapeutic feminine hygiene products. These are pads scented like aloe, lavender and chamomile. I was looking for the link before I explicated here my distaste, and discovered something even worse! Reusable maxi pads!!!
Who are the tree fetishist PETA members using these??? EWWWWWWWWW!!!!